Show Me Libraries

Show Me Libraries is a non-partisan political action committee created to support the advocacy efforts of Missouri's public libraries. Show Me Libraries was formed in October 2015.

Image of children at a story time in a public libraryWhat do we believe?

​​​We believe that public libraries are more important now than at any time in history. We are concerned about the erosion of State-level support for public libraries in Missouri and are concerned that existing advocacy efforts have failed to prevent drastic cuts in essential state aid for public libraries. We believe that targeted political donations can help the library community influence legislation and appropriations.

What can we do?

Show Me Libraries will pool contributions to make donations to the election campaigns of Missouri legislators.

Who decides how the money is used?

Show Me Libraries is governed by a board made up of professional librarians from around the state and is operated according to Articles of Association. A list of the organization’s donors and the names of legislators who have accepted donations will be published on the Show Me Libraries website.

Image of the interior of the Missouri legislative chamberCan we really make a difference?

Yes, we can. Small contributions on behalf of public libraries to key members of the legislature can have an impact. Most contributions to candidates for the Missouri legislative races are $100 or less. Show Me Libraries will focus its contributions on those legislators in key positions who have the greatest influence on library funding and law.

How can I make a contribution?

Go to and donate online via PayPal.